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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Say goodbye to paper timesheets! Here are six ways the Time Clock app can save your business.

Eliminate inaccurate time reporting.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that employers lose an estimated $373 million every year to “buddy punching” when coworkers clock each other in. Digital time tracking increases accountability and accuracy, marking the beginning and end of each shift down to the second. Avoid paying inflated overtime rates and collecting inaccurate records.

Decrease the amount of time spent on payroll.

Upgrading to our digital timekeeping solution saves significant time across employees, managers and administrative staff. Eliminating the manual process of completing, collecting, and processing paper time sheets saves Time Clock users nearly 30,000 hours on average per month.

Protect your company from lawsuits.

Failing to keep accurate records can come at a heavy price. In one year alone, federal courts saw over 7,000 wage-related lawsuits. These cases focused primarily on complaints related to incorrect overtime pay.

Ensure your business is compliant.

To comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are required to keep specific records documenting employee information, payroll data, and timekeeping logs. State mandated laws require records to be kept for varied lengths of time. Time Clock’s smart technology adapts to ensure your business stays compliant wherever your operation is located, and our complementary digital storage options eliminate the hassle of keeping hard copy records.

Maximize operational efficiency.

Create a secure network customized exclusively for the needs of your business. Add an unlimited number of mobile devices to your network, enabling employees to clock in and out from any job site. This network also creates an internal database that enables employees to access and track their own hours, decreasing the volume of related inquiries for managers and administrators.

Adopt a system that scales.

As your business grows, so does the amount of information you will collect and store. Upgrading to a digital timekeeping solution earlier rather than later ensures your business is utilizing the most streamlined, efficient tools available on the market.

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