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Las empresas no técnicas con menos de 100 empleados se adaptan perfectamente a la aplicación de seguimiento del tiempo de Toolr ® Time Clock. Estas son algunas de las principales industrias que están ahorrando tiempo y dinero con nuestro sistema de aplicación de tarjeta de tiempo móvil:

Seguimiento de tiempo simple para empresas esenciales

Seguimiento del tiempo para las operaciones de construcción: especialistas en enmarcado, pintura, plomería, electricidad, drywall, riego y jardinería.



Seguimiento de horas para una fuerza laboral flexible que incluye trabajadores contratados. Estos incluyen organizaciones de servicios y agencias creativas que contratan por proyectos.


Agricultura / Agricultura

Seguimiento de horas y lugares de trabajo para trabajadores agrícolas y agrícolas de temporada.

GPS Tracking & Easy Set Up

Toolr provides GPS data to connect the attendance of construction workers to the job site when they clock in. This removes the need for manual-based reporting systems that are prone to error. Toolr’s easy user interface allows anyone to download the app and immediately clock in with only a few pieces of information to set up an employee account. 

Roll Call & In and Out Board

Toolr’s real-time tracking allows for various benefits. A virtual in and outboard, and roll call features allows for instant verification of who is working where for enhanced safety measures. More so, real-time tracking gives construction companies enhanced data to make informed decisions around resource allocation, job site scheduling, and more. 


Easy Overtime Compliance

Your administrative team will likely be the first to sing Toolr’s positive impact on your business. Their workload will be reduced so they can spend their time in more efficient business areas rather than combing through manual time sheets. More so, relying on Toolr ensures easy compliance when compared to the human error associated with processing paper time cards. This allows for the easy calculation of overtime into payroll, creating a more efficient, accurate, and transparent process. 


Let's Start Time Tracking Now!

While Toolr does require a paid subscription after a free trial, it is a small investment compared to the cost savings it provides in the areas of risk mitigation, compliance, and payroll efficiency. 

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