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Time Tracking Reporting

as it should be:

Our big buttons make it easy for everyone to understand and use.

Report on workers across devices to simplify payroll and maximize insight.

Onboard your teams across locations and devices in minutes.


In the late 2000’s, one of our co-founders owned an exterior painting company and had crews dispersed all over the map. These crews relied heavily on paper-based reporting methods and their cell phones for providing daily progress reports. These reports only ever trickled in few and far between. 

This was frustrating! He never exactly knew when and if they were showing up on the job sites, let alone if they were maximizing their time while there. As the paint company grew, so did the need for a better way to report on his mobile workforce. So he looked far and wide for a digital solution that was easy to use and that generated the reports he needed. There weren't any good alternatives to paper. They were either too complex or far too costly. The idea for Toolr took roots. 

He realized that many tech entrepreneurs were focused on creating office software solutions because few had actually experienced what it was like to be a worker on the move and in the field. With that realization, we was determined to learn how to be a tech entrepreneur so he could solve it himself. He started with what he know, providing a service. So he created a mobile app development company to learn how to be a tech entrepreneur and master mobile solutions. Over 100 mobile software projects later, our co-founders crossed paths and aligned on a shared mission to make reporting better for workers on the move.


We believe daily reporting should be easy, every person should get more value out of it, and it should help businesses to maximize the return on their mobile workers.

Created for mobile teams, by teams who understand mobile work.

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