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Track work hours with Toolr® Time Clock Simply and quickly

Keep time. Protect profits.

It's a simple, intuitive and cost-effective digital timekeeping solution. And so much more...

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Toolr Time Clock

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Toolr® Time Clock is a simple timesheet app for tracking labor productivity, attendance, billable hours, and payroll. Our mobile time tracking interface features easy user controls, making time-tracking take mere seconds. Workers spend more productive time onsite and less time on administrative tasks. Most importantly, employees and contractors will actually use the Toolr® Time Clock app. 

Time Clock App

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Hassle-Free Time Tracking

✓  Track work hours using a simple online time tracker

✓  Log time manually or automatically in a timesheet

✓  Edit time entries on mobile or desktop devices

✓  Categorize time by person, job, and crew

✓  Invite your team to track time via email or text

Simply Effective Time Reporting

✓   Summary and weekly reports

✓   Set hourly rates, and calculate billable hours and payroll

✓   Filter and group time entries by person, job, and crew

✓   Enable location logging when clocking in and out

✓   Save and share reports 

✓   Print and export timesheet data (PDF & Excel)

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Unique Features to Time Clock

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✓  Automatically track breaks and overtime 

✓  Employees or managers can track tips

✓  Access API through AWS for customer reporting

✓  Custom integration to 1,000+ 3rd party softwares

✓  On-demand configuration for individuals, all, & crews 

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