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Tracking overtime can be complicated for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the most common complaints and how Toolr solves them.

How We Make Tracking Overtime Easy for Construction Companies

Overtime Compliance? Covered.

Overtime regulations will vary from state to state and sometimes even on a localized level. Overtime requirements can change even due to different industries and the type of work the construction worker is engaging in. Toolr seamlessly implements accurate overtime tracking based on the state you are operating in and will afford fully customizable overtime and break time settings.


Variability Squashed By Reporting

One headache with managing overtime without a time-tracking solution is employee schedule variability. When schedules change and employees are not working regular or standardized shifts, this variability only makes accurate overtime reporting more difficult.

Streamlined Communication

Communication is key for accurate timekeeping, especially when overtime is concerned. This line of communication doesn’t stop at just employees to their managers but also reaches HR, administrative, and senior leadership in some cases. Toolr streamlines this level of communication and provides real-time insights into straight-time, overtime, and break time reporting.

Integrations On the Way

The last common complaint about overtime tracking for construction is payroll systems are not designed to handle state-by-state overtime calculations. This can create serious compliance issues, create payroll errors, and more. Toolr will soon integrate alongside several payroll software programs directly, taking the risk out of the equation.

Tracking overtime can be complex and time-consuming, especially in the construction industry, where employees may work irregular hours and schedules. Accurate tracking of overtime is essential to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations and to avoid potential legal and financial consequences for the company.

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