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Legacy Scavatec TimeClock, TimeClock ST & TimeClock Sync 1.0 Device Applications Reach End-of-life

This is to inform you that we will be discontinuing (End-of-Life) the Scavatec TimeClock, Time Clock ST and Time Clock Sync 1.0 legacy device applications (mobile apps) on March 31st, 2023. All organizations are required to upgrade to the new 2.0 device applications or remove your legacy devices from your Organization to prevent any disruption to your business.

Dear Valued Time Clock Customer,

In August 2022, we began the discontinuation of our legacy web applications, and As that phase comes to an end, we begin the process to discontinue support for the legacy device applications associated with these products. If your Organization is still using legacy device applications (mobile apps), you will be affected by this process. For users using the latest version of the Time Clock Sync 2.0 applications you will not need to make any changes.

On March 31st, 2023, all affected Legacy Device Applications will lose all syncing functionality and render on-device functionality inoperable. In order to prevent any disruption to your business and your use of Toolr Time Clock, please review the details below for help identifying the Affected Legacy Device Applications and the steps to upgrade your devices. We trust our modern 2.0 mobile applications will help modernize your workflow and provide you with our most capable and reliable experience yet.

Reflecting on the past decade, we have focused on providing a cost-effective and lightweight timekeeping solution for businesses like yours in over 64 countries. Looking forward into 2023 and beyond, our focus will be on our next generation of products and to pursue every opportunity to deliver value to you, our customers. This announcement reflects the final step in the transition from our legacy product to our modern 2.0 platform and vision – Toolr Time Clock.

We thank you for continuing to choose Toolr Time Clock as your timekeeping and workforce management solution.

Our 24-hour support team is standing by to help answer any questions you may have. You may contact our support team by emailing or by submitting a bug report / feedback form in the 2.0 applications.

Thank you again for being our customers,

Team Toolr


Affected Legacy Device Applications (Mobile Apps)

Organizations with the following legacy device applications will be affected:

  • Scavatec TimeClock

  • TimeClock ST

  • TimeClock Sync 1.0

Important Dates

  • Legacy Web End-of-Life - December 31st, 2022

  • Announcement Legacy Devices End-of-Life - January 9th, 2023

  • Legacy Device Applications End-of-Life - March 31st, 2023

More Information

To facilitate your transition, tools and resources have been set up to assist in the EOL process, they can be found here:


Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of End-of-Life of Affected Legacy Device Applications?

  • Affected Legacy Device Applications will lose all remote functionality and render on-device functionality inoperable

  • Affected Legacy Device Applications will no longer sync with the web application or any other devices; any unsynced data will be lost

  • Affected Legacy Device Applications will no longer be able to run reports

  • Affected Legacy Device Applications will no longer be able to manage or access Organization’s Employees, Jobs, Crews, Time Entries or Settings

  • Affected Legacy Device Applications will no longer be supported by the Toolr Support Team after March 31st

  • Please upgrade your device applications immediately in order to prevent any disruption to your service or access to Toolr Time Clock

How can I upgrade my Affected Legacy Device Application?

Where can I download the latest version of the mobile apps?

  • The latest version of the Mobile Device Applications can be downloaded from:

  • Note: The modern Mobile Applications only support iOS versions 11 and later and Android versions 4.4 and later. If your device is unable to install these versions, you will need to retire or replace this device with a newer model.

What devices and operating systems are supported?

  • Any devices capable of running the following operating systems:

  • Apple iOS 11+

  • Android 4.4+

Will I be reminded that my legacy device is still active on my account?

  • As we get closer to March 31st, you will receive a weekly email if any of your legacy devices continue to sync, prompting you to perform the upgrade process. We highly recommend upgrading any legacy devices and removing them from your account to prevent receiving these warning emails.

  • Also, the 2.0 admin web app will notify you if you have any legacy devices currently associated with your Organization, as shown below

  • You can follow this guide to help you remove legacy devices from your Organization.

For additional information, please visit our help center at


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