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It’s TIME for a new Time Clock!

v2.0 Launching December 1st

We’ve been listening intently to your feedback. After a year of research and development, your insights have inspired us to build a better version of our platform—Time Clock v2.0. Now, it’s ready for you to use.

This article will expand on the new features and value you can expect in the new and improved Time Clock, and also what we’re planning to add next.


First off, we just want to thank you for sticking with us on our journey and continuing to provide feedback to help us improve. We are also a small business experiencing the same challenges you are. As you know, being a small business manager is a challenge in and of itself, let alone in this year's climate of unprecedented change.

We’ve heard from existing and new customers alike, that now is the time to double down on people, and put solutions in place that maximize the return on your workforce, by helping you to bounce forward stronger than before. We’re on a mission to help you do that, and we plan to start with the release of Time Clock v2.0.


We know you chose to go digital because you were looking for an easier way to track and report on your employees’ times, and most importantly, ensure the times being reported are accurate. That’s why we’ve put an extreme focus on accuracy and reliability in this new version of Time Clock, as part of our constant effort to further fortify our system for you. Here are the new improvements we’re rolling out.

Background syncing: This is a big one! In the event of a network connection loss—like you are in a network service dead zone—now the apps will sync time entries as soon as there is a network connection, whether you are using the app or not. This works even if the phone is in your pocket and not actively being used. Ultimately, this ensures the reports across all devices are up to date and in sync in as real-time as possible.

Cutting edge technology: We built a new foundation using a cutting edge technology used by companies like Facebook, that will ultimately allow us to implement new features and fix bugs more than 2x faster.

Android support: Android by default will be just as up to date as iOS moving forward, so you can expect the same experience on Android devices as you get on your iOS devices.


We have a lot that we’re rolling out, and this list below is just the tip of the iceberg. With our new infrastructure mentioned above, we’ll be able to make improvements much faster moving forward.

New features for your Web Admin Portal

Employee location: You can easily toggle between card and table views in your web admin portal, and card views now show the location of the time entries for each employee on a map view.

Help page: We now provide a direct way to schedule a call with your dedicated account manager, send a direct message to us, or visit our help documentation to troubleshoot yourself. Providing more help options to help us help you, faster!

New features for your Mobile Apps (coming Dec. 1st)

Configure devices: Now when adding a device it provides the device configuration settings up front so that it’s ready to use to your specifications right away.

Updated self serve reports: Improved self serve reports view to make it easier for your employees to navigate and understand their reports

Updated reports tab: The report section got a makeover so it’s much easier to navigate the reports data, and you can easily add, edit and delete time entries from reports on the mobile device now.

Option to require job selection: If wanting to run reports by “job” you can now require employees to select a job for each clock out, making the job report more accurate and complete.

Time entry confirmation: Now shows a confirmation notification when employees clock in or out to ensure transparency for the employees, and accuracy for all.


We know how much you love the simplicity of our app! We believe job reporting should be as easy as a push of a button. Everything we do we’ll make sure our apps keep their “big ass buttons” and our user experience stays “dummy proof,” because we know you value that, and it makes your job easier.

Dark and light themes: Defaults to light theme, but there is an optional dark theme if the white theme is too bright for your liking.

Round clock buttons: We’ve returned to our roots with our “big ass round buttons” and paired them with a clean and open background to simplify the look and feel even further (pictured above).

Toolr: We’re on a mission to provide software tools that help maximize the return on your mobile workforce. A "tooler" is defined as someone who tools, and that values easy to use tools. In support of this mission we’ve decided to rebrand our company to Toolr (without the “e”). Starting in 2021 our time clock app will be officially called Toolr Time Clock to pave the way for the ecosystem of tools that we plan to introduce in the new year.


We’re really excited about the foundation we’re building, ultimately all to help your business succeed. When you win, we win. So, in the coming months and years we’ll be building with that montra in mind, and rolling out tools to make your life easier and business more successful. Because when you win, we win.

Integrations: Who’s ready to streamline payroll even more?! We have been working on an integration hub for the last year, and we’ll be rolling out the first of our integration partnerships by the end of year with Quickbooks, Gusto, and ADP.

If you have any questions, or more ideas to help improve our system in order to make your lives easier and businesses more successful, please shoot us a message!


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