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Toolr Plus: New Features, Better Support, More Value

We’re improving existing performance, adding new features, and paving the way to deliver more value and ROI for your organization.

As Toolr continues to improve our products and services, we're changing our lineup of plans to offer more choices and features, and to help Toolr better fit the way you work.

Over the remainder of this year we’re focused on fortifying our existing Toolr Starter offering— the simple time tracking tool that you know and love, while also expanding into a Toolr Plus offering with new features based on your feedback. These improvements will level up more of your workflows and elevate the way you work.

See below for the information that is available at this time. The pricing of Toolr Plus is not yet available as we are still collecting customer feedback, but will be shared in the coming weeks with the official launch. As we work to collect customer feedback and define the perfect pricing for Toolr Plus, we wanted to share with you the details of the new features and key differences between Starter and Plus.

Toolr Starter Plan

Simple, digital time reporting

This is the basic tool with the big clock buttons that is essential to digitizing your time tracking. It also includes GPS location tracking when clocking in or out. Knowing who, when, and where people worked is Toolr Time Clock at its core, and we have no plans of changing that. The monthly pricing of this plan will not change, it will continue to be $10 base for the account, and $2.50 per active person on the account. This has been the price since August 1st, 2019, and we have no plans of changing it. You will continue to have the ability to mark people as inactive to avoid paying for people that are not actively using the system, while also keeping them in the system and maintaining a history of their timesheets for payroll auditing purposes, at no cost.

**New Starter Plan Feature: Live Attendance

We’ve added live attendance statuses, so now you can quickly see who’s checked in or out at a glance with the red or green dot indicators to the left of the worker's name, in our new People section located in the setting tab of the mobile app.

Toolr Plus Plan

Toolr Starter Plan, PLUS more…

This plan includes everything in the Toolr Starter plan: simple, digital time tracking, time reporting and exporting, and the new live attendance statuses, PLUS, more features and VIP support.


This was the highest rated feature in our customer survey, and we know communication breakdowns are one of the biggest challenges in workforce management. We’re excited to release the first version of Toolr Messaging, where Admins can now send a message to their workers. Click here for more information on the Messaging feature.

Digital In-Out Board

We’ve digitized the “magnetic in-out board!” We’ve created a display so that you can see clock status, notes, and other information on a big digital display board. As an admin, you can have the display in your office, or even cast it to a tv monitor in the lobby so that when people clock in they can see it update on the display board.


With Toolr’s People Directory, you can now see the live attendance status of workers, their personal status display, click into their profile and see additional info, like their manager or department they work in, and one-click call that worker or view their phone number. This is just the beginning of what’s to come for our directory feature.

Roll Call

In our new People section, there’s a new view we’ve created called “Roll Call”. This is especially important for emergencies when needing to evacuate a location and do roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for. You will be able to filter by clock status, manager, or department to filter the list of people you need to run roll call. This is an essential tool for your emergency preparedness toolbox.

24/7 VIP Support

We know time reports and payroll is critical to business operations, and that’s why we’ve created a 24/7 VIP Support service to meet your urgent needs. You’ll have someone available 24/7 to field your email support inquiries, and a dedicated phone support agent to answer all your questions during business hours. Also, as we roll out new features you’ll have a dedicated account concierge to help you configure new features to fit your specific needs, ensuring you maximize the value and ROI from of our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I prepare for the upcoming change?

There's nothing you need to do to prepare for the plan changes. Once Toolr Plus plan launches, we'll provide extended free access and pricing so you'll have the information you need to decide whether you want to stay on your current Starter plan or upgrade to Plus.

At this time we just wanted to make sure you knew there was no action you needed to take, no surprise price changes to your existing subscription, and no loss of core features or functionality.

When will the new plans be available?

Toolr Plus will be available in August to upgrade. Until then enjoy access to the beta version of the new Toolr Plus features that we’re working on.

What will be different about the new plans?

Our new plans have been redesigned to fit the digital progression of an organization. We know that some organizations are just starting on their digital transformation journey, and digitizing their paper timesheets is the first step. That is what our Toolr Starter plan is designed for. Toolr Plus is designed for the organization that is trying to take the next step, and become more efficient by digitizing multiple business functions. With Toolr Plus we'll be offering more features and more support options, to help your growing business needs.

Do I have to upgrade to a new plan?

No, all customers will automatically be a Toolr Starter, and have the option to upgrade to Toolr Plus from there. Once the new Toolr Plus subscription plan launches we'll share the details about the feature roadmap and pricing so you'll have the information you need to decide whether you want to stay on your current plan or upgrade to Toolr Plus.

Will I lose any features I currently pay for?

You will not lose features that are part of your current subscription plan, such as basic time reporting, unlimited devices, and basic email support.

Should I update my app even if I’m not sure about Toolr Plus yet?

It is highly recommended you update to the newest version of Toolr Time Clock. As we roll out new features and performance improvements, they will only be available in our newest apps. To get the most out of Toolr Time Clock, you should update your app consistently. As part of updating your app, you want to make sure to also be using the new admin portal (, since the legacy admin portals are no longer being supported and you may experience issues with your time reports.

What if I have additional questions or need help?

We encourage you to first update to the newest version of the Toolr Time Clock app to ensure you get the newest features and functionality as they're released. Also, make sure to use the newest admin portal: With the new app and admin portal, you will benefit from the highest level of accuracy and performance for your time reports. For more information or to provide feedback, please email us at

What’s next?

We’ve rolled out a CHANGELOG. This is something the engineering team is excited about, so that you can be kept in the loop with all the things they’ve been working on. You can find it in the bottom left corner of the new Admin Portal:

We’re a small team making big strides, and we greatly appreciate your feedback and patience. We will continue building the platform that will help elevate the way you work. Our promise is to bring you next level technologies and workflows moving forward.

We want to hear from you! Please reach out with any feedback or ideas in our new platform's help section (pictured below):


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